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   Note: when you download this software, you can't choose "open" button, you must click the "save" button, download, and then install. 

   Software installation and use process, sometimes Chinese "确定", "取消" appear. Translation reference:确定:OK  取消: cancel

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The forecast for sales for the next 30 days will only depend on weekly sales figures for the last 16 weeks!

  This software is a computer version, and can only be installed on the computer. The software through the 360 security guards detection!

  In order to use this software properly, your computer must install simplified Chinese version of Microsoft win7 or more version of the operating system. Also, your computer must use Microsoft Office Excel 2007 normally.This should not affect your use of English. You can also use this software if you don't understand chinese.

  Sales analysis and prediction is an essential part of the enterprise's production and operation activities. For example, how many products and raw materials does a company need to produce and store? It depends on the analysis and prediction of the market (sales analysis, forecasting). Blind production or storage, more, backlog; less, out of stock. This will cause losses to the enterprise.

  The current "single linear regression analysis forecasting method" predicts 1 years of sales and needs to collect sales data for the last 10 years or more, that is, at least 10 recent historical data. Multiple linear regression analysis predicts 1 years of sales, and the data needed should be even more. At present, the applicability of the commonly used forecasting methods you can imagine. Using mobile average forecasting to predict sales volume is to use the average annual sales volume in the last 3 years as the sales forecast this year. You can imagine the accuracy of the forecast results.

  This software is based on the research results of the legal representative of the company in the field of science. Innovative forecasting methods. Using mathematical methods to obtain changes in sales or raw material usage, and to analyze and predict. Forecast 1 year sales only based on the last 37 months of monthly sales data, that is, 37 data. This greatly reduces the difficulty of receipt history data.

  This prediction method is characterized by observations from a more microscopic perspective. On the face of it, more data is needed, but the observation period is greatly shortened.

  Currently commonly used forecasting methods, such as "single linear regression analysis forecasting method", are moved from the natural sciences.

  This is true in natural science, for example, to predict changes in the next 1 seconds, to collect data for at least 10 seconds per second of variation, that is, at least 10 data.

  Moving to economics, you want to predict 1 years of sales, you need to collect at least 10 years of annual sales of data, that is, at least 10 data collected to calculate.

  This also creates many problems that are not practical, such as a product life cycle may be less than 10 years.

  Since the prediction method used in this software is to observe changes from a microscopic point of view, the prediction results should be more accurate.

  The software can also be used to predict 1 days, weeks (7 days), 30 days, 1 quarter and so on. The amount of change in these periods. These projections need to be based on the following data: the last 15 days, every day, 22 days, every day, 16 weeks (7 days), every week, 15 months, every month. These sales figures.

  In other words, according to the order are: 15 data, 22 data, 16 data, 15 data.

  A commonly used "linear regression forecast method forecast week (7 days), 30 days, the 1 quarter, the period of sales, according to information, in accordance with the order were: 10 weeks (7 days), every 1 weeks, 10 months, every month, every quarter of the 10 quarter. Sales during these time periods.

  That is, these predictions require 10 data. However, you need to get these 10 data, is not easy, the observation period is longer, and because the sales affected by holidays and seasonal fluctuation caused by these data, prediction models commonly used at present, should not accurate.

  The method of prediction used in this software, you observe the phenomenon more carefully, the required observation period is shorter. In fact, this is meticulous observation instead of long-term observation, so it should be more accurate and practical

  The prediction method of this software should be the highest level of mathematical statistics at present. It can greatly improve the accuracy of prediction and greatly shorten the time needed to collect data. Therefore, the prediction method of this software can also be applied to the prediction of natural science, for example, the prediction of moving objects should be used for the analysis and prediction of cloud movement in meteorology. We can use the right to develop other forecasting software together with other companies or units. If you wish to cooperate, please contact us.

  This software can be used to analyze and predict the sales of various commodities, the sale of various dishes in restaurants, or the analysis and prediction of the amount of raw materials. This software has a wide range of applications and simple operation. Enter or import data from the excel table, click the button, the computer can automatically give the analysis and prediction results.

  This software can provide: sales or raw material usage is growth change or decline change, such analysis results, and provide future sales or raw material consumption confidence interval estimation, prediction. The forecast result can be transferred out of Excel form, and can be sold in batches or analyzed in quantity of raw material.

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